Altendorf Handgaurd


  • Optical Safety System
    Two cameras collect data for hand recognition from a wide space around the saw blade. As soon as intruding hands are detected there, the sawing unit is quickly lowered and quickly stopped within a quarter of a second.
  • Elmo Drive
    The F 45 ElmoDrive incorporates the most advanced and comprehensive control technology available for sliding table saws. The operating concept employs a large 12” touchscreen that enables you to select the axes and the software functions.
  • Motor rating 7.5 HP
    The Vario motors are manufactured and optimised specially for use in sliding table saws. They provide up to 20 % more torque than conventional electric motors without increasing power consumption.
  • CNC rip fence
    The CNC rip fence has a traverse speed of 250 mm/s and an accuracy of ±1/10 mm. The high-precision five-point recirculating ball spindle system needs little maintenance and, along with the motor, is well protected by its integration into the aluminium profile.

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