Parts, Service & Technicians

Factory Parts & Service

Spare Parts and Service: 704-799-0400
Tools: 800-343-4644

Phone: 704-587-3400
CNC Service: Ext 7429
Edgebander Service: Ext 7430
Saw Service: Ext 7422
Sander Services: Ext 7431
Other Service Issues & Scheduling: Ext 7432 – (T) 704-587-3400 x7432
Parts Department: 800-263-0433

Parts & Service: 866-673-8876 or 819-367-2633, ext. 228

PARTS & SERVICE: 866.298.9763

Please feel free to contact our office for other manufacturers parts & service contact info: 866-948-9085 ext. 5

Local Service Technicians

We Have Two Holz-Her Certified Technical Service Providers Here In Colorado And One In the Midwest. All Have Literally Decades of Experience When It Comes to Woodworking Machinery.

Continental Machinery Servicing, Inc

Detlef Schaper & Associate Technicians
Colorado Base

Phone: 303-517-4146

American Lean Industrial Maintenance Service, LLC

Owner & Technician: Bob Davis Based out of St. Peters, MO (Recommended for our Nebraska & Kansas Clients).

Phone: 636-278-1374
Mobile: 314-265-6542
Contact: Bob Davis

The Pinetree Group, LLC

Peter Mulberger & Associate Technicians
Colorado Base

Phone: 719-332-0022

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