Integrated Machinery Solution, LLC DOES NOT SELL used machinery.
We will act as a Listing Agent. If you would like to list a piece of machinery with us simply click on the button below fill in the form, let us know what dollar amount you would like to net and we will add our Listing fee. When we list your machine and one of our customers wishes to purchase it, they will pay you the entire purchase Price. You in turn will pay IMS the agreed listing fee.
Integrated Machinery Solutions, LLC has never taken possession of the used goods and/or machinery being listed for the Seller, and Integrated Machinery Solutions, LLC has generally never inspected the goods and/or machinery and cannot make any warranties, express or implied, as to the condition of the goods and/or machinery. Buyer must understand that Integrated Machinery Solutions, LLC, therefore, does not extend any implied warranty of merchantability nor warranty for fitness for purpose with respect to the goods and/or machinery it lists or markets for the Seller, and that there are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.
(All machines listed below are available “As Is, Where As” IMS recommends you have a qualified technician inspect any used machinery prior to purchase. See our parts and service page for Recommended Technician) Click on any picture for additional photos and printable document

Please note: Machines with no activity, or active communication from the seller after 6 months will be removed for this listing.

We are please to present our Feature Used Machine for your review. Used #373,

2016 Edgebander $40,000.00

Return Conveyor $8,000.00

SAVE $42,700.00 off origin purchase price!